Time of Our Lives
Things I’ve Learned This Semester

Going on the third week I’ve already learned many things.

1)I hate Speech Class

2)I still procrastinate, even though I tell myself not to.

3)I like Mammalculture. A lot.

4)The flu sucks.

5)I love Marcie.

6)Buster is not cool.

7)I’ll be so happy to graduate…. 11 more months!

8)My friends in Florida are pretty kickass. Not anyone would bring you Subway because you don’t feel like going out and haven’t had anything to eat in days.

9)I’m addicted to poker on facebook. I currently have $486,000 chips. Yesss!

10)Moxie doesn’t mind getting baths.

There’s more… I’m just bored of this now.


They say life is all about ass, your either covering it, laughing it off, kissing it, busting it, being one, kicking it or trying to get a piece of it and this is true, but it seems like it also revolves around drama.

Your always either  starting it (either intentionally or unintentionally), caught in the middle of it (by choice or not), trying to end it or trying to avoid it. There are people who hate drama and there are people who thrive on it and I just don’t understand those people.

I’ll admit it is interesting sometimes to know whats going on with someone else, even if it doesn’t involve you but that doesn’t mean you want to get involved in it. Your just curious. But the people who TRY to get involved in it, are just crazy.

This week I’ve heard about people breaking up (i was just an observer), been told I’m not a “real friend” (that was an unintentional drama starter) and been told I bit someones head off because they made a bitchy comment to me and I “got defensive”. Both of those people will not be getting Christmas cards from me. Thankfully so far the zoo has been drama free but we’ll see how long that goes.

I have $100,000 on Texas HoldEm Poker on facebook. It is really exciting. I’m addicted. I’m not sure I could play it for real with cards though; the computer tells you what hand you have and deals the cards and everything out for you so its pretty simple and really just about pushing buttons. Playing this game is currently my drama free zone. :p

My back hurts. I need a massage and I have classes 12-3 tomorrow. Goodnight.

Best of Both Worlds

Moving to Florida for college has been one of the best things for me. My horizons have gotten so much bigger, and I learned that there really IS a much bigger, much different world out there then Maine. In Maine the possibilities are limited, but in Florida they’re endless.

The people I’ve met since I’ve been here have been amazing and I’m meeting so many new people. They’re a part of what makes me like Florida, without them it’d be insanely boring and I’d wonder why I ever moved away from my family, friends and my comfort level.

I’ve had so many new experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to do in Maine. I don’t have to drive an hour and a half JUST to get to the mall, its 7 minutes from my house. It’s crazy how different it is.

But there are the bad parts too. Being home made me realize that I missed my friends and that I miss hanging out with them. They seem to have carefree lives while I’m stressing about college. They still have the drama though and that is something I definitely do not miss. I got a taste of the drama and it blows my mind that people freak out about something so minuscule, something they have nothing to do with. I may have hurt a friend, or what I consider an acquaintance now but they have nothing to do with what happened. Maybe I’m a bad friend, but I don’t regret it. I was never treated that great by them anyway.

As stupid as it sounds I feel like I have two lives. I’ve got my Maine life and I have my Florida life. I’m still the same girl from Maine, I’m still naive about how some things work in Florida. In Maine I have my group of friends that I’ve been friends with for a long time. Then I have my Florida friends who I’ve known since May, some less then that, that I feel like I’ve known for a long time. My two groups of friends are different from each other and its interesting to me that I can get along so well with both of them. In Maine, I want to be doing something as much as I can while in Florida I’m content with sitting home by myself a couple nights a week.

Moral of the story: Although I miss home sometimes, Florida has been the best move I’ve made and I can only hope when I move away to go to another college I think that it is another really good move. I want to do as much as I can in my life and see as much of the world as possible. Moving has shown me that the world has so much more to offer.